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Storage - Tupperware FridgeSmart

Storage - Tupperware FridgeSmart


Fresh new design! Redesigned containers offer better air circulation and advanced moisture protection.

Now you can preserve your farm-fresh produce even longer with crisper containers! 

A storage chart is relocated for easier viewing, while an improved venting system moves to an easy-open seal.

New, modular sizes offer storage flexibility and nest together to save space. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Dimensions (Metric/US):

Small Deep: W 14.2 x H 13.4 x L 18.8 cm
        W 5.6 x H 5.3 x L 7.4 inch

Medium: W 18.7 x H 6.8 x L 28.5 cm
        W 7.4 x H 2.7 x L 11.2 inch

Medium Deep: W 19 x H 13.5 x L 28.5 cm
        W 7.4 x H 5.3 x L 11.2 inch

Volume (Metric/US):

Small Deep: 1.8 L/1¾ qt
Medium: 1.8 L/1¾ qt
Medium Deep: 4.4 L/1 gallon
Colors: Margarita (Small Deep), Winter Green (Medium, Medium Deep)

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