Better Than Organic

What is "Better than Organic"?

Tired of food going bad in your fridge the day after you bought it?

We are LOCAL, meaning our produce has very minimal transportation requirements resulting in longer shelf life, lower carbon footprint, and a fresh tasting product!


Organic produce in Canada must be grown in soil.

Regulations specifically restrict hydroponics and aeroponics from being Organic. While Organic farming takes specific action to reduce their own contribution to soil erosion, AgriTech North is a soil-free operation, eliminating the carbon footprint of trucking in soil additives and eliminating soil erosion from farming operations.

Did you know Organic farming uses pesticides, herbicides and fungicides?

AgriTech North does NOT use any of these chemicals in our farm!

AgriTech North is more Sustainable

Hydroponics uses 90% less water and 60% less nutrients than Organic, resulting in a far more sustainable operation! Nutrients are generally difficult on the environment to produce or transport, and represents a significant improvement over Organic farming methods.