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Glyco HD - 120 (Oral Capsules

Glyco HD - 120 (Oral Capsules

NPN 80113160

GlycoHD is a real world tested; clinically validated premium nutrient partitioning and glucose disposal agent (GDA) designed to aid in glucose uptake and insulin regulations which can ultimately help with your overall performance, recovery and physique. Unlike many other GDA’s found on the market today, GlycoHD targets multiple pathways within the body offering a plethora of effects such as:

  • Enhanced blood flow and nitric oxide levels
  • Nutrient absorption and uptake by muscles while limiting absorption by fatty cells
  • Aids in Insulin secretion and sensitivity
  • Stabilize blood glucose levels and spikes
  • Helps with digestion and GI function
  • Regulates good and bad cholesterol levels



Our goal was simple, to create a truly innovative glucose disposal agent that helps the body to breakdown and absorb nutrients more efficiently, enhance blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles and stimulate the sensitivity and bodies secretion and response to insulin to increase nutrient absorption by muscles and limit the storage of fat; ultimately leading to better nutrient utilization, performance and recovery. 

Agmatine Sulfate – Utilized for its nitric oxide producing properties and enhancing muscle pumps, Agmatine Sulfate is specifically used in GlycoHD for its blood flow enhancing and nutrient delivery properties and its ability to promote muscle cell insulin sensitivity.

Cycloberine™ - Berberine has been shown to lower blood glucose levels by encouraging the absorption of glucose by muscle cells, ultimately leading to more glucose being used by muscles and less being stored as fat.  Our source of berberine is attached to cyclodextrin which has been studied to improver absorption rate and bioavailability when compared to standard berberine

Gymnema Sylvestre – Shown to help repair and regenerate the inslet cells of the pancreas; a group of cells mainly comprised of beta cells that are responsible for the production of insulin in the body, Gymnema Sylvestre can help enhance insulin production and function in the body as well as lower blood sugar levels. 

Cinnamon Bark Extract – Shown to stimulate and mimic the effects of insulin the body, Cinnamon bark extract may help transport more glucose to muscle cells

Amylase – The enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates within the body for better absorption, Amylase can help to ensure optimal nutrient uptake into the bloodstream and assist the other ingredients to ensure better absorption by muscle cells

Banaba Extract – Toted for its corsolic acid content, Banaba Extract has been shown to increase carbohydrate uptake while lowering blood glucose levels. 

Pine Bark Extract – Pine Bark Extract enhances eNOS levels within the body, helping to dilate and expand blood vessels which can greatly enhance oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles as well as muscle pumps and fullness when combined with other ingredients in GlycoHD.

Palmitoleic Acid – Considered a common class of unsaturated fatty acids, Palmitoleic Acid has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory and lipid lowering effects which is believed to be linked to its potential ability to increase insulin sensitivity and activation of the AMPK pathway in the body which is considered the “master regulator of metabolism”

Actigin® - Actigin® is a patent pending, 100% natural ingredient that has been clinically shown to aid in athletic performance and recovery by reducing inflammation within the muscle.  We have included Actigin® in GlycoHD for this reason as reducing inflammation can in turn helps the body to deliver more glycogen to muscle cells and work with other ingredients within the formula to further their effects and overall results. Actigin® also has been shown to increase energy levels and decrease recovery time while enhancing nitric oxide synthase and vo2 max making it a potent performance enhancing ingredient.

Chromium – An essential mineral that is responsible for regulating blood glucose levels and insulin metabolism within the body

Vanadium – A trace mineral that is responsible for stimulating and regulating insulin response within the body

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