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Huber's Bavarian Meats

Feiner Fleischkäse (Bavarian Meat Loaf)

Feiner Fleischkäse (Bavarian Meat Loaf)


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This Fleischkäse is a pork and beef meatloaf with a really fine texture. You could compare it to maybe the texture of bologna or a frankfurter only the flavor is much different. This is popular in Switzerland, and many parts of Germany, where it is referred to as Leberkäse, as well as in Austria mostly as a breakfast and lunch meal. It is cut hot right out of the oven and enjoyed with a medium or spicy mustard. It is made by grinding the ingredients very finely and then baking it as a loaf in a bread pan until it has a crunchy brown crust.

A few serving suggestions on how to enjoy Fleischkäse:
Cut into approximately finger-thick slices, usually served with traditionally medium hot mustard on a bread roll. Can be served hot or cold as well as very thinly sliced. Instead of mustard serve with cornichons - delicious!

Pan-fried, in which case it is commonly accompanied by a potato Rösti and a fried egg – what a meal!

Two slices of Fleischkäse with a slice of ham and cheese in the middle are dipped into eggs and coated with breadcrumbs and then fried in the pan. This variant is called falsches Cordon Bleu ("mock Cordon Bleu") – irresistible!

Dietary notice: May contain mustard.

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