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Fresh Leaf Floral Tea (Steeps 2L) - Caffeine-Free

Fresh Leaf Floral Tea (Steeps 2L) - Caffeine-Free


A smooth & sweet tasting caffeine-free fresh leaf floral tea with a refreshing note of mint.

We provide a fresh leaf packet that makes approximately one gallon of tea. You can steep the packet contents in a French Press or other smaller container, then simply mix to taste with additional hot water, or enjoy it stronger!

We suggest muddling the contents of the packet just before steeping them, to release more flavour.


Ideal Pairings:

  • This tea has a sweetness to it already with no added sweeteners, but if you have a sweet tooth and want to avoid the sugar, we suggest Stevia - Sweet Leaf.

This product is Better Than Organic (BTO)!

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